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For a management range that matches the operator desking, Buronomic proposes the Astro executive desk. Intended for managers and directors looking for a clean design, Astro Manager offers generous top dimensions and contemporary finishes, with an arch metal leg with raised top.

  • 25 mm thickness desktop and matching 16 mm thickness modesty panel in Structurex┬«.
  • 2 mm ABS edging.
  • Fitted with two 80 mm diameter cable ports.
  • Metal arch structure leg made of 70 x 30 mm tube section with lacquered epoxy finish.
  • Astro range is based on a self-supporting beam system with raised desktops, forming a full steel underframe with 2 arch legs and a transverse beam.
  • Adjustable feet to compensation for any unevenness in the floor.
  • The connection between desk and return storage unit consists of a short arch leg H 10 cm fixed to the storage unit.
  • The return storage consists of 2 niches D 56,5 / H 50 / L 42,5 cm, one CPU niche D 56,5 / H 50 / L 29 cm, and one niche D 56,5 / H 50 / L 56 cm on which can be positioned a hinged door or one lateral filing drawer.
  • The top of the return storage unit is equipped with 6 predrilled port holes to allow cable- management between the floor or the CPU niche and to the desktop.
  • All niches of return storage unit are equipped with one shelf, height-adjustable in 32 mm steps.
  • The positioning of the 4 niches is determined on assembly of the return storage.
  • The lateral filing drawer is not compatible with a hinged door .
  • Prices start from ┬ú440.00

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