Leasing and Finance

Most businesses understand the benefits of refurbishing or refitting their working environments with modern office furniture - the positive influences on staff morale, productivity and loyalty are well-documented. The cost of a professional design and build project, however, can often result in it being postponed or significantly downgraded.

Leasing offers an effective way of spreading the cost over any period up to five years, which means the project can go ahead immediately, but without the upfront capital expenditure.

  • Overcome budget limitations
  • Ease cash flow
  • Payments are 100% tax allowable
  • Flexibility of including part or all elements of the refurbishment in one monthly cost
  • Preserve borrowing power

Why lease? Consider the benefits below

  • An excellent way to budget for future expenditure. All rentals are fixed for the duration of the agreement thus allowing you to accurately budget for future expenditure
  • Possibly for off balance sheet financing. Certain agreements offer taxation savings as all rentals may be allowable against corporation tax
  • You can preserve your existing lines of credit or cash position for your business working capital requirements
  • You can arrange for the regular rentals to be in line with your budgeted expenditure by altering the length of the agreement
  • You can pay VAT on each rental as opposed to when you purchase the equipment
  • The agreement is a medium term facility, which cannot be withdrawn, provided the rentals are made. The uncertainty that may be associated with overdrafts, which are repayable upon demand, is removed


Cost of furniture Monthly over 60 months Weekly over 60 months
£5,000 £115.00 / month £26.54 / week
£7,000 £172.50 / month £39.81 / week
£10,000 £225.00 / month £51.92 / week
£20,000 £450.00 / month £103.84 / week
£30,000 £660 / month £152.31 / week
£40,000 £880.00 / month £203.08 / week
E45,000 £990.00 / month £228.46 / week
£90,000 £1980.00 / month £456.92 / week

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