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The Actium range’s contemporary lines serve to highlight the ineffable elegance of the workspace. Expansive worktops draw visitors into engaging with the workspace and facilitate a user’s access to a collection of functional easy access storage units.

  • Particle board panels density 670 to 690 kg/m3 covered with a wood veneer layer, 7/10th thick, natural half-matt finish, water based varnish. Tops 17.4 mm thick : desk height 72.74 cm. Tops 12 mm thick : desk height 72.2 cm.
  • Wood veneer top 17.4 mm thick, straight wood veneer edging rounded at the top and bottom, matching the desk top finish.
  • Toughened glass tops, 12 mm thick. Smoothed joins and rounded edges for maximum user comfort. 3 choices of finish = clear glass enamelled underneath, clear glass acid frosted underneath, in the mass tinted glass
  • Metal « Frame » leg, triangular cross-section 59 x 59 x 80 mm ; stability of the structure thanks to a tubular cross-beam attached to the legs. Stabilizer feet, adjustable through 15 mm.
  • 4-leg structure : metal structure comprising a metal, supporting tubular frame of triangular cross-section. The 4 metal legs are made of steel sheet 15/10th in thickness, the top plate is attached to the frame by means of metal screws and inserts on the outside of the frame. The legs feature chromed stabilizer feet (ø 50 mm), adjustable through 15 mm.
  • Optional rectangular grooved modesty panel (H. 27 cm) for rectangular tables with wood veneer or glass tops, on frame legs only.
  • Fixed to the structure by means of metal screws and inserts for the wood veneer tops, by means of suction caps for the glass top version.

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