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More and more employees are reporting the need for acoustically isolated places to hold meetings or focus on their work. Conference rooms and small meeting rooms don’t offer flexibility for space planning as they are part of the fabric of the building. Hush is a mobile, acoustic pod that can be moved and repositioned when needed. Unlike other pods, it has frosted glass back panels so it can even be positioned in the middle of an open plan office without blocking the flow of light.

Hush Meet is an additional, independent space for your office. It allows you to conduct meetings in a comfortable environment. Advanced acoustic solutions effectively isolate sounds. Additionally, closed-form provides a feeling of privacy. Thanks to this, all participants of meetings organized in Hush Meet can feel at ease and naturally. It is the excellent alternative to cabinets and small conference rooms. What’s more, you can set it wherever you want!

  • Mobility: You can move the pod without disassembly
  • Dimensions: It occupies space needed for two standard workstations
  • Acoustics: The upholstery and double glass with acoustic film effectively absort sound
  • Facilities: Hush Meet is an independent space powered by electricity, providing comfortable conditions during the meeting
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