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Elegance and character define the new Partage desk. Its style is sober and well thought-out. The top is as refined as the trapezium leg. Nothing disturbs the clean and minimalist lines of this desk. Partage is easy to customise with numerous possibilities in terms of the finish and worktop shapes.

  • 25 mm thick Structurex┬« desk top.
  • 2 mm thick shock-proof ABS edging.
  • Equipped with at least one 80 mm diameter port hole or a 2 cm deep scallop.
  • Metal supporting structure composed of oblique 50 mm square cross-section legs and a recessed upper plate. The assembly is connected by a central steel beam with lacquered epoxy finish.
  • Next leg element recessed in order to move easily from one desk to another.
  • Adjustable screw feet to compensate for any unevenness in the floor.
  • In back-to-back configuration, a space divider can be fitted in the 3 cm gap provided between the tops.
  • Prices start from ┬ú145.00

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