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The design of the Astrolite metal structure blends harmoniously into every working environment. Whether single or multi-workstation configuration in open-space layout, Astrolite modular desks are the ideal solution to adjust to the changing needs of companies with limited budgets. Astrolite offers the complements you need to adapt work stations to suit employee working habits and methods.

  • Structure made of Structurex┬«, 25 mm thickness.
  • 2 mm ABS edging.
  • Fitted with at least one 80 mm diameter cable port or 2 cm scalloped top.
  • Metal arch leg structure made of 50 mm square section tube welded together, leg structure is linked by a structural central beam.
  • Recessed leg on add-on unit to ease lateral movement from one workstation to another.
  • Adjustable screw feet to compensate for any unevenness in the floor.
  • In back to back configuration, a screen divider can be fitted in the 3 cm gap provided between the tops.
  • Arch adjustable leg in height from 64 to 86 cm, available in Aluminum finish only.
  • Prices start from ┬ú140.00


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