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More and more employees are reporting the need for acoustically isolated places to hold meetings or focus on their work. Conference rooms and small meeting rooms don’t offer flexibility for space planning as they are part of the fabric of the building. This private and sound-proof phone booth is perfect for open plan offices that occasionally require privacy.

  • Hush Phone is a perfect place for private videoconferences, trade negotiations and confidential telephone conversations
  • Hush Phone occupies only 0.9 m2 – the small dimensions and weight allow it to be set or adjusted to the current needs of any organisation
  • Comfortable to use: Thanks to the armrest, a movement sensor which activates the lighting and ventilation, and a rear wall made of glass, the Hush Phone provides an excellent user experience.
  • Functional:  Equipped with lighting, a ventilation system, a folding laptop table, and 230V & USB sockets.
  • Easy adaptable: The thoughtful design and configuration opti-ons mean that the Hush Phone can be easily integrated into any office space
  • Technical features
    • Led ceiling light run by motion sensor
    • Active ventilation run by motion sensor
    • Power module (single power, double USB)
    • Toughened acoustic glass door with handle
    • Glazed rear wall with stylishcentral panel design
    • Ergonomic shelf / storage
    • Fold-away oak veneer laptop table
    • Acoustic lined fabric panels
    • Integral carpeted floor
    • Optional floor mounted stool
    • Leveling feet
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