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Launched in 2014, Orangebox’s award-winning Air3 acoustic pod range can act as a freestanding meeting room, private space, phone booth or touchdown room. The Air3 combines new materials with a wider range of finishes and the most advanced room system on the market, all of which helps make it the world’s most complete pod system.

  • Air3 has been designed as a scalable system, able to work globally. Its internationally patented opening roof system features an advanced fire safety system developed specifically for sprinklered office and other environments.
  • Interchangeable panels allow you to refresh your Air3 at will, swapping, changing and refreshing colours and fabrics to make it unique. Its combination of high quality glass and soft acoustic panelling delivers both a refined aesthetic and a high level of insulation and speech privacy.
  • Like all Orangebox pods, Air3 is demountable – so it can be moved, re-positioned or re-used to suit changing needs.
  • Our range of Air3 pods offer a pleasing variety of small and large private meeting spaces.
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