A warm reception

A warm smile and a well-designed reception area; these are the two key items which will shape the first impression for all visitors to your office.

Whether it is clients, suppliers, business partners or potential employees, everyone who arrives at your place of business should be greeted by a friendly face and a clear understanding of your brand.

If you are in the technology business then you might go for a minimalist look, perhaps with some digital displays showcasing your work. A fashion business may have examples of the season’s designs on display. A catering business could have some great photos of food on the wall. If you are in the creative arts then something more funky will probably be in order – and just because they are so inspiring, here are some fabulous examples!

As well as looking great, a reception area also needs to be practical so consider the needs of your business. Do you get a high number of visitors (need a lot of seating)?  Do you receive large deliveries (plan a large storage area)? Do you want your receptionist to carry out admin work while at reception (have a desk which includes a work station)?

Most companies don’t have Google-size budgets to spend on their reception area. For the more modest there are a number of stylish and practical ready-made reception desks and ranges to chose from. Plan-It Interiors can help you chose the right furniture to make sure you make the best first impression, and even ‘plan it’ for you. So here are some examples of our fabulous reception areas!


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