Move away from the desk …… and eat your lunch!

There are days when all those unread emails in your inbox are screaming for attention and you decide to eat at your desk so that you can tackle them during your lunch-break.  It sounds like a sensible plan – one day eating at your desk is not the end of the world and you will feel a lot less stressed without a bulging inbox.  But having lunch at your work station should not become a habit and here are just a few of the reasons why:

  • If you work in an office you probably spend most of the day sitting down so it is important to get up from your desk and move around whenever you can for health reasons.  Some days the only opportunity to do this will be during your lunch break, so don’t waste it!

  • Having a break away from your desk at lunch-time is going to help clear your mind and make you more able to tackle the afternoon’s work with a less foggy brain, make you more creative and more productive.


Research has shown that eating at your desk makes you more likely to snack later in the day!  Not only that but people who eat at their desk are less likely to remember what they have actually eaten.  And we haven’t even mentioned crumbs in your keyboard!

Cafe Bistro

It’s also much more sociable to eat at a table with colleagues than eating alone at your desk.  Some workplaces have designated days of the week when people are expected to share a table at lunch with people who they don’t usually deal with in the office.  It’s a nice way of getting to know others and network – just don’t eat a bowl of spag bol on that day because you are unlikely to impress anyone with sauce all over your face!

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